Sunday, October 10, 2010

TBTEW: Point Guard Wrap, Current Players

Full List
30: Stephon Marbury
29: Jimmy Jones
28: Doc Rivers
27: Andre Miller
26: Fat Lever
25: Derek Harper
24: Calvin Murphy
23: Mookie Blaylock
22: Gus Williams
21: Anfernee Hardaway
20: Terrell Brandon
19: Sam Cassell
18: Tim Hardaway
17: Bob Davies
16: Tiny Archibald
15: Lenny Wilkens
14: Mark Price
13: Maurice Cheeks
12: Isiah Thomas
11: Terry Porter
10: Bob Cousy
9: Kevin Johnson
8: Chauncey Billups
7: Steve Nash
6: Jason Kidd
5: Gary Payton
4: Walt Frazier
3: John Stockton
2: Oscar Robertson
1: Magic Johnson

Gilbert Arenas and Tony Parker are close to cracking the top thirty. Parker needs about one more good year to knock Starbury off the list, while Agent Zero needs about two more borderline All-Star seasons. Although at this point, I'm not sure what to expect from him. Baron Davis is looking unlikely to make the list, but could make it with a late career resurgence. Deron Williams will probably end up somewhere in the teens. I think he's somewhere between Tim Hardaway and Kevin Johnson as a point guard that does everything well on offense. In terms of overall effectiveness, Rajon Rondo is somewhat similar to Maurice Cheeks, but I think he has "Jason Kidd" potential. Billups, Nash, and Kidd could flip based on the rest of their careers, but I don't think any of them will get to the top five. If he can stay healthy, Chris Paul will get to the top five, and if he can sustain his 2008+2009 performance, he has a good shot at the #1 overall ranking. At his best, he combines great ballhandling, scoring, and ballhawking as well as any point guard ever.

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