Monday, October 25, 2010

Season Preview: Pacific Divison

And now, for something completely the same! More previews in limerick form!

A man from Italy called Mamba/Center of attention and drama/But how many they'll win/When age starts to kick in/Is on Pau, not Kobe's la bombas.
Projected Record: 55-27, 2nd in West.

Arriving in Phoenix is Hedo/To whom defense is as the dodo/Only Robin rebounds/Amare can't be found/But Suns say, with Nash what can't we do?
Projected Record: 43-39, 10th in West.

Twenty and five and five for Tyreke/But many wins the Kings couldn't eke/Carl Landry and Cousins/In the tough West tussling/Much havoc on offense will they wreak.
Projected Record: 36-46, 12th in West.

Forty nine victories says Schoene/If it seems crazy, please don't blame me/Curry, Ellis one and two/They'll score points, that is true/But can they stop anyone with Lee?
Projected Record: 34-48, 13th in West.

Number one Griffin unstoppable/Other Clippers not pitiable/But let us get real/Do you really feel/They will stay healthy and capable?
Projected Record: 32-50, 14th in West.

In case anyone was wondering, I think the Lakers will make the Finals, but think Portland will win more games during the season thanks to superior depth. Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion to this series!

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