Monday, March 29, 2010

March Madness Thoughts

No, I'm not dead and this blog is still (theoretically) alive. In the past week and a half, I was traveling, then working on a long, rambling post that I'm still not done with, then getting sick, then being way too busy, and trying to find time to watch some of the tournament in between all of that (and having an alleged life away from the internet). I should have the aforesaid long, rambling essay up by Wednesday, and regular posting after that.

Anyway, while I was watching the Kentucky-West Virginia game, one of the announcers mentioned that when WVU guard Joe Mazzulla was asked who Kentucky reminded him of, he answered "Golden State". After watching that game, I could see why. Loads of talent (which is what the announcers took him to mean) and no idea how to play cohesively. Even though any NBA team should waltz through this tourney, I think Golden State would have the "best" chance of losing to a college team if such a matchup took place, due to apathy, lack of defense, and crappy big men.

Another Tournament's funny going to Draft Express and seeing Givony shoot down people who see some 6'1 shooting guard put up 25 against some sixth seed or something and think "1st Round Pick". If anything, I have the opposite problem. I'm watching these games thinking "There is no way Devin Ebanks is an NBA player" or "If Cole Aldrich can't stop Jordan Eglseder's midrange game, is he really much more than Erick Dampier with better footwork*"?

*To be fair, that's still a good player.

Anyway, my point is that the only player I've seen this month that may be undertouted (in the random assortment of games I've seen) was a 6'8 center from a mid-major that lost its conference championship game and didn't make the tournament. I'm convinced that if he were two inches taller, Kenneth Faried would be a lottery pick. I know it's Morehead State, but he's a rebounding monster (which translates very well), seemed to have NBA-level athleticism from what I saw, and I think he has the defensive chops to guard most NBA power forwards. His offensive game is very raw (he showed some good instincts but his ballhandling and perimeter game are sorely lacking) and there is a chance that he'll simply be overpowered in the NBA, but I think he'll be remembered as one of the steals of the draft (assuming he comes out).

Also, if I had a time machine, I would seriously consider kidnapping Jimmer Fredette and forcing him to play in the ABA. I don't know if he can make it in the NBA as anything other than Craig Hodges 2.0, but damn, he would have been fun raining threes, beating slower players down the floor, and flashing those acrobatic finishes in the ABA. Can you imagine Fredette running point for the 76 Nuggets (David Thompson-Dan Issel-Bobby Jones)? Oh well.

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