Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Ballad Of Alex Groza

There was a man from Martins Ferry
A basketball team he could carry
With the shots he put up
For Coach Adolph Rupp
But of gamblers he should have been wary

There was a team from Kentucky
That for a time was quite lucky
With Groza and Beard
Everywhere were they feared
Back to back gonfalon, ducky

On the horizon danger was lurking
Scoundrels and thieves had been working
To give games away
Trading pride for pay
In the final seconds not “Dirking”

There was a league called the NBA
Where Groza and Beard went to play
Second in scoring
Percentages soaring
Better than Mikan or Schayes, I say

But the scandal came tumbling down
And the news spread all over town
Like Mountain Landis
Mo was merciless
And to exile Groza was bound

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