Thursday, March 11, 2010

Historical Doppelgangers

It's time to play...Name Those Players! Both players are 7 foot "true" centers who were drafted in the top ten.

Player 12532.516.
Player 22531.717.

Player 1? Andrew Bogut's 2009-10 season, which has been a "breakout" season for him.
Player 2? Robert Parish's 1978-79 season, which was the closest match (among centers aged 24-26) that I could find for Bogut's 2009-10. Parish would peak two years later, in 1981 for Boston, and famously play for a very, very long time. I do not expect Bogut to play for as long as Parish, but it has to be encouraging for the Bucks that he is playing at the same level as the Hall of Famer at this point in his career.

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