Thursday, April 15, 2010

Playoff Preview

I should be posting more regularly soon & etc. But for now, here's the official Waiting For Groza playoff preview. Who will win the championship? Who knows? But here's what we do know.

-The Lakers will win a game they should have lost due to poor officiating.
-The Jazz will be eliminated by a team below them in the Hollinger Power Rankings.
-The shrieking of Celtics fans over the calls Dwayne Wade gets will be audible from outer space.
-Cavs-Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals. Book it.
-And if you watch too much NBA coverage over the next two months, you will start believing that the success of failure of the Cavs will determine whether the city will transform into the New Jerusalem or if the Cuyahoga River will be transformed into the gates of Hell (again).

But if there's one thing to remind yourself of before these playoffs, it's that, despite what many analysts will tell you, the vagaries of fate in a close game are not the true measure of a man's worth as a basketball player or a human being. And even if the Lakers win a championship, despite not trying during the regular season, those 82 games still have meaning, as there is more to the game of basketball than the team that stands victorious after two months of work sprinkled with luck and occasional horrific officiating. So, when the Suns or Bucks get knocked out, let us remember them for the seasons they had, not the ring that eluded them. Because if basketball is about disappointment for 97% of the players, coaches, and fans, then we are doing something wrong.

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