Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thinking About Cleveland's Options

All stats for the 2009-2010 season.

Player A
Points/36 Minutes: 22.0 (career: 22.1)
Rebounds/36 Minutes: 8.9 (career: 9.3)
Assists/36 Minutes: 1.1 (career: 1.4)
Turnovers/36 Minutes: 2.8 (career: 2.7)
True Shooting Pct: .610 (career: .605)
2 Year Adjusted Plus-Minus: -4.76

Player B
Points/36 Minutes: 24.2 (career: 20.3)
Rebounds/36 Minutes: 7.0 (career: 6.3)
Assists/36 Minutes: 2.9 (career: 2.7)
Turnovers/36 Minutes: 2.9 (career: 2.9)
True Shooting Pct: .626 (career: .581)
2 Year Adjusted Plus-Minus: -2.79

Both players are injury prone, and neither plays defense well. Player A is a power forward sometimes masquerading as a center, while Player B is a small forward. Player B seems to be having a better year, but Player A's career numbers are better. Adjusted Plus-Minus doesn't really like either player, but Player B actually has a slightly positive rating for this season.

Player A? Amare Stoudemire

Player B? Corey Maggette

All of which is to say, if the Cavs don't get Amare, then Maggette is not a bad fallback option. And they probably wouldn't have to give up as much to get him, either.

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