Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shallow Thought Of The Day, Vol V

While watching the Rockets earlier this year, they always seemed to go on a run when Kyle Lowry came in the game. His stats weren't that impressive; he drew a lot of fouls, but didn't shoot all tht well, his assist rate was good but not great, subjectively he seemed to be a very good defender, but he didn't get a ton of steals. Despite his less than stellar stats, his adjusted plus/minus has been among the best on the team all season.

Lowry was injured recently, and I was curious to see how the Rockets would fare without that "spark". As it turns out, not well. They have gone 2-6 in his absence, giving up between 97 and 125 points in each game, with the nadir coming against Indiana when the Rockets lost because they didn't have anyone who could guard TJ Ford. The Carl Landry-Kevin Martin trade didn't help (for this year, it'll help when Yao gets back), but the Rockets really miss Lowry right now.

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