Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shallow Thought Of The Day, Vol IV

I should have some actual honest to goodness historical content here by the end of the weekend, but for now I'm content to present: this week in Stockholm Syndrome!

So, I was watching some of the Nets-Bucks game* on Wednesday (it seemed like a good idea at the time) when Keyon Dooling left the game with an injury, and the Nets broadcast team (Ian Eagle and Jim Spanarkel) expressed dismay (fair enough, it always sucks when someone gets injured). Then, perhaps getting carried away, they opined that Keyon Dooling was a competitor, and the Nets needed him to "keep that competitive edge going". Yes, those Nets. Then, after noting how washed up Jerry Stackhouse** was, the announcers return to the topic of Dooling, praising the veteran's competitiveness and swagger. Aside from a hilariously inappropriate use of swagger, I think this is a verifiable case of Stockholm Syndrome. Somebody may need to stage an intervention.
(For those curious, this sequence happened late in the 2nd quarter)

*It was a surreal experience to watch Luke Ridnour shred an "NBA" team.
**How sad is it that a pair of people praising Keyon Dooling still notice that Stackhouse sucks? That may be the low point of Stack's career.

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