Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shallow Thought Of The Day, Vol VII

One of the memes floating around this year's playoffs has been that this is Dirk Nowitzki's best chance to win a title. But I'm not sure this is accurate. The first reason is that I am pessimistic about this group's ability to win a title. Every team that has won a championship in recent memory has done so with great defense or two stars (usually both). This Dallas team has neither.

The second reason is that I think they have a better shot next year, or in 2012, because of Rodrigue Beaubois and some advantageous contracts. If Beaubois continues to improve, and gets 30-35 minutes a game, he could become the excellent second option that the Mavs need. They have Dampier's valuable contract to deal this summer, as well as Butler's expiring to add pieces. If they get a good return on those players, and if Marion can remain a good defender, then a starting five of Kidd-Beaubois-Marion-Nowitzki-Haywood (with Terry, the Dampier and Butler bounties, and Rookie X off the bench) would be improved defensively (with Beaubois guarding the quick guards that destroy the Mavs now) and offensively.

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