Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Good Draft

With another NBA draft in the books, this is what the top ten looks like, as expressed historically, as far as I can tell. Standard disclaimers apply.

1. Wizards: A better Baron Davis.
2. 76ers: John Havlicek with good, not great, defense and durability.
3. Nets: Shawn Kemp.
4. Timberwolves: Robert Horry with a little more scoring.
5. Kings: Zach Randolph 2.0 Now with real defense!
6. Warriors: A poor man's Larry Nance.
7. Pistons: Vlade Divac.
8. Clippers: Josh Smith with worse passing.
9. Jazz: Steve Smith.
10. Pacers: Caron Butler.

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