Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ironic Sentence Of The Night

I'm watching the Sacramento-Golden State game, and the announcer just uttered the sentence, "Beno Udrih read the [Golden State] defense perfectly". To which my first thought was, "doesn't there have to be something in order to read it?"

In other NBA news, the Dallas Mavericks have tied a somewhat obscure record: most consecutive victories in one point games, at 10. They tie the record held by the 1960 St Louis Hawks, who were also led by a white forward, Bob Pettit, and lost to a superior Celtics team in a closer than it should have been 7 game series. There are a few parallels between the two teams, including the whole "best white player in the league" thing, as well as the "not quite as good as the league's elite" thing. To stretch the analogy until it breaks, I guess Jason Terry is Cliff Hagan (top perimeter scorer), Jason Kidd is Slater Martin (veteran point guard who can't shoot), although not even Mark Cuban is as unlikable as Clyde Lovellette-who was like Bill Laimbeer with a cowboy fetish-allegedly was.

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